Reactions When Looking Back on Your Past Work

Sometimes I dread looking at a design or reading something I’ve done in the past. And by past I mean any length of time. Whether it is work From preschool, high school, college, first job, last year, last week or even yesterday, I am never sure how I’ll feel about my own work after time away from it.

Past Self, don’t disappointment me!


How do you feel when you look at something you’ve created, written, designed, made, coded in the past?

This is a Comic!
  • Miranda

    About a year ago, I threw out all of my awful thirteen-year-old me drawings. You might think that’s a really terrible thing, but it was actually so wonderful and freeing.

    • Angela

      Lol. I know how you feel. In college, I tried oil painting. Let’s just say, I didn’t save any of them.

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  • Gustik

    really? I never felt the fifth one :)
    I mean there’s always something to improve… and I always had much less experience in the past…
    I mean it looks ” freaking awesome” in my head… and when I’m uploading it somewhere… but the next day it’s kinda gone… thinking of a new project :)

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  • lukaskus