The Spider Cup

I hate spiders. I hate them, but I don’t want to kill them. I’m afraid scoop ’em up with a piece of paper to put them outside but I don’t want them crawling all around.

If nobody else is around, the only solution is to:


It is now someone else’s problem :)

Edit: More than a few of you have expressed concerns for these spiders that I trap in cups. Don’t worry, I don’t let the spiders slowly die a painful death/starve to death/dehydrate/die from exhaustion of trying to claw their way out/suffocate etc. I just alert the next human I see to release them into the wild.

This is a Comic!
  • Jon

    Fun story time: a friend of mine was at home, and noticed a gigantic (like, 50 cent piece large) spider on the wall. Grabbing a cup, she quickly put it over the spider and held it there….only to realize she was home alone, and out of reach of everything. No phone. No tape. No anything except her, the cup, the spider, and the wall.

    She ended up standing there for 30 minutes until her husband got home. No way was she going to lose sight of that spider.

    • Angela

      Haha! That sounds like something that would happen to me~ Luckily her husband came home within the hour!

  • Arturo Gutierrez

    I’ve heard that you can immobilize them by shooting shaving foam at them. Haven’t tried it yet thou.