5 Stages of Designer Grief

5 Stages of Designer Grief

After getting feedback on a design, your designer may exhibit 5 stages of grief. Be aware, prepared and support your designer as they go through these stages!

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  • Oh so painfully, painfully true. LOL

  • I was once labeled the “revise queen” lol… back in my days of advertising!

  • Copywriters go through similar stages of grief.

    • Angela

      My sister who is a copywriter also said the same thing! You’re not alone :) They probably have the added grief when designers cut down copy to make it fit in their designs.

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  • i am a software developer i hate when designer give me a damn photoshop. photoshop is not a web design.. sheesh.

    • Angela

      But web designs start in Photoshop! :)

    • PoopFace McGee

      I use MS Paint

  • picked_a_name

    story of my life :(

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