How many players can play a single player game?

This is how we play a single player RPG. It’s a party game!

Who said Single Player Games are single player? Backseat gamers

Single player game? More like single controller game. Backseat gamers should count as players too.

This is a Comic!
  • xeen

    I want to hang out with your group, they seem fun.

    • Angela

      You should and we are! :)

  • Mallory @ Total Noms

    This is me and my fiance when he plays Assassin’s Creed. Or Zelda. Or LA Noir. Or really any game. Don’t ask me to hold the controller though!

  • In youtube, Backseat games are kinda popular.

  • picked_a_name

    hahaha this is funny!

  • hehehe .. hhahaha .. sounds familiar !!

  • gray



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