How Many Design Don’ts Can You Spot?

There are certain things that make designers die a little inside every time they see it in a design. Well, designers, don’t look! This image might kill you. I decided to defy all design instincts and put every common “Design Don’t” that I could think of in one image! How many design crimes can you spot? :)

I’ll set some goals for you, don’t let me down!
Non-designers: I hope you can point out at least 12 :) If not, find your nearest designer and ask them!
Designers: ALL OF THEM AND MORE!!!

Design Crimes & Design Don'ts - 20px

So, how did you do? :)

This is a Comic!
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  • Aviso aos Passageiros

    I loved this challenge! Can you provide a link with all the answers? Thanks!

    • Diane Miller

      Were all the answers ever given?

  • Andre reis


  • Andre reis

    1. dont is too separated 2.DESIGN have too little space between lines 3. DESIGN is not written with the same color 4. DESIGN have the N that is too far from the rest of the word 5. CRIMES have both italia and BOLD and UNDERLINE effect. 6. THAT is a word that does not respect the line like others 6. ARE comics sans is being used wich is terrible. 7. COMMITTED have a strong outline with the wrong color combination that is causing eye fry effect 8. COMMITTED have the spacing between the Ts that are not equal to the rest. 9 EVERYDAY color is too contrasting with the box. 10 EVERYDAY plus the box next to it are not centered with the word above 11. the image inside the gray box is stretched without respecting its proportions. 12. JUST is upside down. 13. How has its letters too separated. 14. HOW is yellow on white and its not contrasting enough. 15 many have a texture that is not balanced well. 16. CAN has been stre tched 17. YOU is not contrasting enough the colors are wrong. 18 SPOT is written in black with a thin line 19SPOT is angled badly 20 the text on the lower left is too small and the font in script makes it illegible

  • Darek Zieliński


  • Intrelis

    Andre reis

    Everyday’s problem is not simply that it’s too contrasting. But that you never, ever do red on green or vice versa. Unless you want to cause epilepsy to some unfortunate soul.

  • Amy Vitale

    My eyes… They burn!

  • andrea chen

    I counted 24 (25 if you count the complete lack of alignment as 1 item) and I’m not a designer.

  • Fifi Gaia

    Oh, I thought this is art… (reference next comic). No, I don’t have a degree in either one.

  • I know nothing about design :(

  • Navarone

    …and there are more than two fonts in the project

  • Sphinx777

    5 margin errors, 5 error using wrong characters/wrong colors, 1 error image proportion, 1 space between characters