Finding Inspiration

I pretty much rely heavily on the Internet for my source of inspiration and research. All of you out there.. designers, creatives, writers, artists.. everyone.. You guys are amazing and do such awesome work. Being able to see it as a image or article or website really motivates me to want to do my best work too.

But, I tend to over-research. I get caught in a browsing frenzy for long periods of time, loving everything I see! All the web designs look so beautiful. All the logos are so clever and fitting for the brand. All the packaging design is so perfect, how could anyone rip it open to actually use the item inside! All the DIY projects look so creative and doable! After a while, I get so inspired by everything I see, I want to do it all! Make websites. Make logos. Make art. Build DIY shelves out of pipes.

And then, very quickly after, I start to feel sick from being too inspired. INSPIRATION SICKNESS. It’s a weird feeling to feel so inspired to do everything but not want to do anything at the same time. When Inspiration Sickness hits me, I give in to the “not want to do anything” feeling and end up just watching some Netflix or taking a nap.

My good friend and I came up with the phrase to describe this:

“Inspiration is often followed immediately by laziness.”

Here’s a chart I made to illustrate the feeling:

Finding Inspiration by browsing the Internet

Have you suffered from Inspiration Sickness? Let me know if you are or aren’t the type to get over-inspired :)

Maybe we can start a support group.. or just enable each other by sharing more of what inspires us.

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