Zelda Terrariums

Two things I can’t resist, Zelda and terrariums :)

Just an art piece with Zelda things in hanging terrariums. I wish I could hang these in a window :) Which one is your favorite terrarium? Mine is the one with the cucco (chicken) for sure!

Zelda terrariums - Hanging Terrariums - Legend of Zelda

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  • Pete

    I love the cucco too. I remember the first time I played ocarina of time and went to kakariko village, I spent hours finding all the lost cuccos. I did it because I wanted to save them all; had no idea there was a reward.

    Would to be fun to create these with layered sand for color striations and hand made props.

    • Angela

      Save all the cuccos! Cucco rescue! That would also be a good graphic ;)

      It would definitely be cool with the colored sand + props! Something to experiment with one day~