The Bother Scale [Design Feedback]

If you’re a designer, receiving and giving design feedback is inevitable. I’ve always found it easy to interpret positive feedback.

Example 1:
Feedback: “That background you drew of a prancing unicorn pooping rainbows in fluffy clouds is awesome!”
Me: “Yay! I’m amazing!”

Another Example:
Feedback: “I really like the design treatment in the main navigation, it’s so creative!”
Me: “Yay! I’m amazing!”

But then, when it comes to the things that need to be revised or change, I find that negative feedback can be interpreted in all sorts of crazy ways.

Feedback: The body copy font should be larger.
I might interpret this as:
A. FU, my font size is perfect. SUPER SMALL FONT FOREVER!!!
B. Oh, the font size is a little too small but that’s personal preference. I’m going to leave it.
C. The person was on the fence about the font size and was just bringing it up. I will leave it at the current size.
D. In addition to making it larger, I’m going to take it one step further and bold, underline and italicize everything!

To help with this, I was majorly inspired by Hyperbole and a Half’s super funny take on the pain scale and started to use *Doot doo dooooo!* the Bother Scale! Sometimes when receiving feedback, there might be a change or two that I disagree with. To get a better idea of how they are feeling, I will ask them to rate how much they are bothered by that particular issue on a scale of 1-10. If they say a 2-3, and I feel very strongly about keeping what I have, I might pass on their feedback. If it’s in the 6-10 range, I will consider it more. If I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should or shouldn’t make a change, I use a formula that takes into consideration the bother scale number, importance/role of the person giving me feedback, how much this will effect my employment status and of course, how I feel. But I guess your formula is will be different :)

So the next time I give you feedback and tell you it is a 10 on the bother scale. You better change it!!! :)

This is dedicated to my good designer buddy friend Erin. Thanks for understanding me when I give/ask for Bother Scale Numbers <3

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  • I’m definietely going to use this from now on.

    • Angela

      Yay! It’s worked for me so far, hope it works for you too :)

  • Aces

    this is the best website ever.

  • Judy

    These should be made into stamps!

    • Angela

      Haha! I’d get stamp-happy!