The Curious Case of Rainbow Pooping Unicorns

The other day I was clicking around in 20px’s Google Analytics. I got to the section where it shows you what keywords people searched for to get to I started to flip through the pages of keywords and as expected saw words relating to some of the things I had drawn.. “life before cell phones”.. “feedback scale”.. “toast comic”.. “squished type”…

But then a couple pages later, I saw this:

Keyword Unicorn in Google Analytics

What the heck? Not one, but five people searched for “Unicorn pooping Rainbows” and got 20px as a search result? I’ve never even drawn a unicorn in my life, let alone one pooping a rainbow. I investigated further and typed “unicorn” into the filter keywords box.

Unicorn Analytics on 20px

I laughed out loud when I read “Unicorn cloud pooping out real rainbow”.. If you are the person who typed that to get here, sorry. I’m laughing with you, not at you :)

Anyway, I had to try it out for myself. So for the first time in my life, I typed “Unicorn pooping rainbows” into Google search. Nothing… just a whole bunch of articles about unicorns and if they could really poop out rainbows. I switched to Google Images. There on the first page, I saw:

Google Image Search for Unicorn Pooping Rainbows


I went to my post about the bother scale. And there it was. In the post, I had actually written “a prancing unicorn pooping rainbows in fluffy clouds” while describing a design scenario. I forgot I wrote that.

Mystery solved.

To celebrate this solved case, I decided to come around full circle and draw a prancing unicorn pooping rainbows in fluffy clouds. To those 11 people who came to 20px looking for unicorns pooping rainbows and to all those in the future, this is for you:

Unicorn Pooping a Rainbow

This is a Tidbit!
  • Caro

    Can I just say that the Sun staring in utter disbelief at Rainbow Pooping Unicorn just made my freaking day.

  • Almost Anonymous

    The one that you thought was play dough … actually a cookie.

  • insanityfiler

    I swear i saw origional mlp ,in there

  • Saga

    that rainbow poop is actually a cookie.
    i found the recipe on youtube and it looks really yumm!
    if you have time take a look at that

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