Share the Road

Share the Road - 20px

Pedestrians, bikers and cars love sharing the road. This is how I feel when I drive, bike or walk.

This is a Comic!
  • picked_a_name

    first :)
    made out little distinct voices for each of them as i read.

  • Ram

    That’s funny.

  • Stupid bikers on the sidewalk. It’s illegal here in the UK.

    You can’t ride a bike on the road…then walk.

  • Macky

    Solution, no bikes. You’re welcome.

    • cpetersky

      Solution: no cars. You’re welcome.

  • Iris Chamberlain

    I’ve seriously been wanting to draw this exact comic for years. Thank you. <3

  • Common Sense

    It’s easy if you follow some simple courtesy rules. Pedestrians in a crosswalk have the right of way, unless they stop walking, or walk slowly when entering the crosswalk as it turns to the do not walk sign. Pedestrians, if there is another approaching person or bicyclist, do not walk five people abreast in a human wall so they can not get by. Bicyclist on the side walk, slow down when approaching pedestrians, people react poorly when a fast object is approaching, preferably use the bike lane. If there is no bike lane, use the road, however move off the road to let cars by when it’s safe. Cars, if a bike is in the road simply change lanes, if it’s a single lane road slow down and give them a fair amount of distance, unless they pass up perfectly good chances to move and let you pass.