Things You Don’t Need to Upgrade

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with technology these days. It’s super awesome that companies are dedicating themselves to make things better, faster, prettier, and more usable. But it’s a little sad when you buy the latest thing and then 3 months later, it’s already old because they released something even better, 2x faster, 4x shinier, and 4% thinner!

There’s always so much attention on latest phones, computers, tablets, cameras, consoles, software, vacuum cleaners… I wanted to give a second to shine some light on the things I haven’t had upgrade in the last 10+ years. Thanks you objects, you’ve remained pretty much the same after all these years. I appreciate how I don’t have to justify spending money a newer version of yourself even if you still work perfectly, or wait in line and be disappointed when your newer self is sold out.


This is a Comic!
  • UK


  • My self setting alarm clock was so old the auto spring forward/fall back was on the wrong days….upgraded.

  • vmuffy


  • Toilet

    • pacifictwilite

      Ya, needs upgraded to flush water more efficiently so not so much water is wasted.

      • gamesbook

        That’s been done … but the basic design is exactly the same!

  • potato

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  • charan12999

    can i publish it in my blog with a link to you ?

    • charan12999

      please reply

      • Angela

        Yes you can :) Just remember to link back and leave the credit in the image~

  • ron

    pencil sharpener needs upgrading, i have one that you don’t need to push the pencil, it pulls the pencil as it sharpens.

  • ron

    also the rice cooker. I have an IH and you can cook with different settings for different types of rice.

  • picked_a_name

    brain upgrade anyone? no? okay.

    • Angela

      Soon… and then the world will turn real scary, real fast.

      • picked_a_name

        it’ll be like in the equilibrium movie

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  • Anne

    And the good old, dependable, economical, eco-friendly, hard-working CLOTHESLINE! Certainly there are various styles and models of the clothesline and indoor clothes racks, but whatever one you have is just fine!

  • Guest

    Lol, not sure about calculators, especially graphing calcs…

  • Hmmm

    Does this mean that I get to keep my wind-up alarm clock?

  • Nic Crotch

    The bicycle is a pretty good piece of engineering design that only benefits marginally from improvements in materials.